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Superior Shores

Superior Shores

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Famous for its size and its shipwrecks, Superior is a body well regarded by those who dare to traverse its waters. Watching the waves crash and rage from the shore during a storm is enough to humble any heart. But on calm days the lake lends peace and serenity to the observer and is a welcome setting for recreation. This aloe and green tea soap reminds me of the refreshing breezes off the clean waters of the big lake. And thus begins my praise of this moody giant.

Lake Superior is the Greatest Great Lake. Not only is it the largest of the five, it is the largest freshwater lake (by area) in the world. Its water is amongst the clearest, with underwater visibility at depths averaging 27 feet! And it is a very deep lake, making a complete freeze over a rare occurrence. The waters remain chilly even through summer’s heat, so it’s uncommon to see swimmers at the beach- as the local saying goes, ‘No salt, no sharks, no feeling in your feet!’ Instead, beachcombers hunt treasures like agates, Yooper rocks, greenstones, and even driftwood.

Many well known islands are held in Superior’s great expanse, including Isle Royale and the Apostle Islands. And though not always recognized as a separate island, the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula is completely separated by the Keweenaw Waterway. The Portage Lift Bridge serves as the only crossing over the canal.

The nautical influence of Lake Superior on the Upper Peninsula is just one more aspect that makes this area so unique. The lake has maintained its usefulness in shipping and freighters can often be spotted en route. At times, inclement weather forces these boats to take shelter in the bays. A few years back there were three ships anchored in our local harbor on Christmas Eve. We ventured out in the snowy weather to see them. The experience was memorable, but weighty. Having the freighters so close in such weather reminded us of others that did not find refuge in time. ‘The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald’, the iconic song by Gordon Lightfoot, describes the most infamous shipwreck of Gitchegumee. I chose to depict it on this label for all these reasons.

Lighthouses dot the shoreline of Lake Superior, lending to East Coast vibes. Some of you may recognize the Rock of Ages Lighthouse of Isle Royale also featured on this label. An impressive and little known fact is that the state of Michigan has the most lighthouses in the United States. I take joy in this as lighthouses have always been my favorite. Besides these beloved structures, the lake also boasts an abundance of Salmon, Lake Trout and Whitefish which satisfy the avid fishermen and enhance the local cuisine.

Topping the list of Superior attractions is the Pictured Rock National Lakeshore. This stretch of shoreline is known for the dramatic multicolored rock cliffs and unusual sandstone formations. I’ve heard from quite a few well traveled folk that this was their absolute favorite vacation, though they couldn’t decide which was the better experience- the boat tour or the hike!

Net Weight: 5.5 oz. (155g)
(Note: Due to the nature of hand-cut soap, weight and dimensions are approximate.)
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil,  Palm Oil (RSPO Certified Sustainable), Goat Milk, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide and All-Natural Fragrance Oil.
Store in a cool, dark place.
For longer lasting bar, do not leave soap sitting in water.
Goat Milk Soap on the Curing Rack
Handcrafted. All Natural. Dye Free. 

Everyday North soap is made from scratch in small batches with quality ingredients chosen for how they benefit the final bar. Palm oil makes it hard and long lasting, coconut oil provides a quick, fluffy lather, and olive and sunflower oil gently moisturize the skin. Still, goat milk is the most outstanding ingredient in the mix! Loaded with vitamins and essential elements that nourish the skin, goat milk also breaks down the ‘glue’ holding dead skin cells together without drying or disturbing the skin’s natural pH. Thanks to the milk, this soap can ease inflammation and acne, soothe dry and damaged skin, reduce wrinkles, and delay signs of aging. Each variety contains a unique blend of pure essential oils or natural fragrance, providing options for all preferences. We proudly offer our goat milk soap and are confident it will become one you look forward to using everyday!

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