The Everyday North Story…

Hello and welcome to my online store! My name is Kimberly, and my family and I have a small farm located in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Slow and steady we've been building and establishing our home here, and my soap and candle business has similarly followed step. Beginning as a craft of necessity, I started my journey in soap-making in 2006. I had struggled with severe skin ailments for near a decade and had hoped to create a soap that would serve me well. A few tutorials from friends and some failed batches of my own to follow, I finally fashioned a goat milk soap that I loved. (This journey coincides with that of raising a dairy goat herd, another hobby I have grown quite passionate about!) I continued on to experiment with essential oil blends, while also sourcing some pretty great all-natural fragrances, and developed a lineup of scents I wholeheartedly enjoyed. Soon enough the demand for soaps branched out beyond close friends and family and my hobby transitioned into a business.
 The candles shortly followed, not of my own inspiration, but through a start-up kit which my sister passed on to me. I loved them from the first pour! To know I could make healthier candles for myself and others who also struggled with conventional types was exciting. And the quest to find the most realistic and unique fragrances was an adventure I took to heart. A wood wick, dye-free, soy candle with authentic phthalate-free fragrances was hard to find when I first began crafting them- and that may have been the most inspirational part of all!
So here I am so many years later, alongside my husband and our four children, enjoying our life together on the farm and happy to still be offering Everyday North soaps and candles! Thanks for stopping by!
-Kimberly Grentz

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