'Sledding Hill'- Waxed Pinecones

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Evergreen cones have a natural beauty all their own and hold an honored place in the history of many cultures and religions. A symbolic representation of the pineal gland, they can be pleasant reminders to take time to be well and open our spirits to the blessings of enlightenment. I love to decorate with pinecones in our home and have enjoyed them even more dipped in the scented wax. I am happy to offer them here as long as they're available!
These pinecones have been dipped in sugared spruce & strawberry soy wax- they are both adorable and satisfyingly aromatic! Fill a basket or metal bucket, add them to a potpourri dish, stack them in a large cylinder vase or string them into a wreath or garland. They can even be used as fire starters once they tire.
Made with the same 100% soy wax and phthalate-free fragrances as the candles and melts. The majority of the cones were lovingly gathered by my mother at my parents' home in northern Wisconsin. Shape, size and wax coverage varies- some may have imperfections.
We recommend storing the pinecones in the original sealed kraft packaging when out of season to maintain fragrance strength and prevent dust collecting on the wax. 
Available in 6 oz. (170g) kraft bag with window
and 16 oz. (453g) bulk kraft bags.