Polar Bear Plunge Soaking Salts

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Therapeutic salts for soaking, this blend of peppermint, tea tree and sweet birch essential oils offer a frigid dip for the most daring of souls. Working as a natural energizer, this blend also can aid in clearing the sinuses and is especially useful in relieving eczema, psoriasis and generally itchy skin and cooling sunburn. Furthermore, the soaking salts can be used for muscle and joint pain or stiffness, stress and headache relief, to encourage circulation and detoxification, as a respiratory aid, or to soothe skin irritations & dryness. Can be used in the bath or as a foot soak.
Net Weight: 12 ounces (340g)
Instructions: Use entire 4-8 ounces in a regular size bathtub, or use 3-4 tablespoons in a foot soaking tub. 
Ingredients: Epsom salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt, baking soda and essential oil blend. 
Made in the U.P. with all-natural ingredients.