Something old, something new...

Some things old, some things new, some things bundled and other deals too!

I'm happy to announce that Everyday North candles have new kraft labels and are sporting a more casual look. In the process of updating labels, the entire line of candles was overhauled! Make sure to browse through the candle section to see what's new.

Along with the cosmetic changes, we've brought in some new ways to save! Customers now have the opportunity to purchase different assortments of our soaps and candles at a discount. These collections can be found in the 'Main Menu' under 'Goat Milk Soaps' - 'Soap Bundles' and 'Wood Wick Soy Candles' - 'Candle Bundles'. Additional savings options were added for each of our soaps as well. Look for the 'Buy More and Save' tab on each listing to choose which option is most appealing. 

And, last but not least, we have new rustic wooden soap dishes in-store! They're listed along with our soaps. and can also be found under 'Exfoliation & Extras'. 

We're excited for the upcoming seasons and hope everyone enjoys all the new offerings! Thanks for checking in... 

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