Melting Over Our Newest Offering...

I won't deny it- I'm a late-comer to the world of wax melts. I was delighted and content to burn my phthalate-free soy wax candles without any unpleasant side effects, and with a unique crackling wood wick to boot! It seemed so many others felt the same. Still I had received enough encouragement and requests from family, friends and customers to put out a line of wax melts I added them to the bucket list. The opportunity finally arose for me to try my hand crafting the little gems. So, amidst all the recent updates here, it seemed appropriate to introduce the new line of soy wax melts before the holiday season- arguably the best season of all for good scents. After listing them all on the website, Everyday North soy wax melts made their debut at my hometown craft show, and I was pleasantly surprised to find they actually outsold the candles!  

In the process of testing the wax melts I quickly came to understand why so many love their wax warmers! Personally, I'm thrilled with the convenience of switching out fragrances every few days, and from my tests, I'm getting many more 'hot throw hours' from my soy wax melts than compared with the candles for the simple fact that the wax isn't burning up. The flameless option is also great for those with children and pets, or renters and students in the dorms who are not allowed to burn candles. 

I have no experience using any other melts than the ones I offer as I am extremely sensitive to paraffin and most other fragrance blends. But in my research on the topic, many claim soy wax melts hold their aroma significantly longer than paraffin due to the higher molecular density of the soy wax. I'm getting 24-48 hours per square or two of wax (.25-.5 oz). My testing area is an open concept main floor space with cathedral ceilings and the fragrance wafts into nearby rooms of my house. I've also noticed the high and middle notes of a fragrance often dissipate within the first 24 hours of use, but the bottom notes, like vanilla and other woody essences, continue to linger out into the 36-48 hour range. Worth noting, for the strongest scent throw, it is advised to remove old wax before adding fresh squares so the fragrance isn't further diluted. 

For those of you who have yet to step into the 'wax warmer world', I highly encourage you to give it a try. There are numerous styles of warmers on the market- some with warming plates, some with light bulbs, little wall plug-ins, and even ones that are warmed with a tea light. Similarly, the style options are endless.

Not much can beat the ambience of a real fire, whether it be in the wood stove or carried on a candle wick, but there are many other benefits to these soy wax melts that make them just as desirable. I am pleased to add them to the product line and am thoroughly enjoying them in my own home. Hoping you all are just as blessed by them as I have been! 

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